By Ivan M., @ivan.lax_

Is Modern Warfare ruining one of their game modes?

Gunfight is a 2v2 game mode, where you and a friend in a small map can go face to face with an opposing team of 2. Rules are simple: wh0 ever dies first loses, or if time runs out whoever captures the flag point first wins, but if no one even touches the flag, then whoever has the most health (combined from both players) wins. But recently, Gunfight has been placed with Gunfight OSP is mixing it up with some unusual features. Weapons are scattered around the map on both sides in the same spots for both teams, meaning you will have to move around to get a weapon. Making it challenging for players to find weapons or even stay alive. Which is bringing up the question  “ Why did they replace Gunfight with Gunfight OSP?” Leaving the community with a lot of mixed feelings about not knowing how to feel about it. Did the game company make a huge mistake? Or was Gunfight originally suppose to be this way, since OSP was in beta ( normal Gunfight was also in beta). Either way, it is still a 2v2 with different rules, leaving the consumer confused about which is better.