By Christian R., @christian_ritzy

The early access time for season pass holders on the new season operators has now ended. Non-season pass holders now have access to the operators through buying them with renown. Since five days have passed, many new tips and tricks have come out with the new operators.

During the early access, people have used the new operators against the public. Many new strategies have emerged with Kali being the most noticeable. Kali has been placed as a similar role as Glaz but more interactive.

Glaz and Kali are heavy-hitting snipers. They both have the capability of easy destroying reinforced doorways, shooting through the plane’s windows, and providing long-range support. Unlike Glaz, Kali is used as a vital breacher. With her attached gadget, she is able to destroy many items form the enemy side. From deployable shields to bandits batteries on the other side of the wall.

Many people use her as a makeshift defender. She is used for defending the entrance to the point. With her claymore, shootable explosive, and one-shot sniper to any operator. She is made perfectly for holding corners. People would typically try to clean the objective’s one or two operators and run in, to set up the perfect defense for wandering defenders that need to run back to the point.

Wamia hasn’t had as many new strategies appear. With Wamai’s gadget, he has become the annoying little brother in Rainbow Six Siege. Since he is able to effectively hide his gadget in common breaching points. Many people lose whatever throwable was thrown to Wamai’s gadget. He is used as a slowing killing operator. He mentally tires players by constantly destroying the incoming gadgets. He is great at ruining people’s game just like Lesion.