By Lee H., @de0ku_

Hello people of the earth, this is your host De0ku, and I have some exciting smash news to share with you this week, from potential DLC to recent tournament wins.

One question that everyone in the smash community wants to know is, “who is the 5th DLC fighter”. Speculation and digging into leaks have all been done, but so far, that’s all it has been. People throw out names such as Geno from Super Mario RPG or Doomguy from DOOM, but the one I hope and think will make it is Bandana Dee from the Kirby Series. I used to play Super Smash Flash 2 religiously and I really enjoyed him in that game, so I’m hoping Nintendo can take some inspiration from fans and put a really loved character into the game for us Kirby fans.

If not Bandana Dee, I’d want someone like Crono from Chrono Trigger or Sora from Kingdom Hearts to make it in.

Recently, 2GG Kongo Saga took place from December 7-8. 2GG has multiple smash tournaments, with themes being based on different video game series. This tournament was based on the Donkey Kong Country series. The tournament had both singles and doubles, with the singles prize pool being $9,090 and the doubles pool being $1000. The winner, as always is MKLeo from Most Valuable Gaming. Frankly, I think that MKLeo is super cool and talented, but he’s boring to watch, simply for the fact that you, as a tournament watcher, knows that he’s gonna win. The best thing ever is when someone beats MKLeo because it comes to you as such a shock that someone could beat a player of his caliber. For doubles, MKLeo and Gluttony won and did an amazing job against the other 325 teams.