By Julian L., @xFallenSavior

The latest patch for overwatch brought with it major changes not only for tanks but for supports and will shift the entire meta. The new changes have made the durability of shields super low compared to before. Tanks have also been given adjustments in order to make more of them viable and brawlier, in contrast to the brawler tanks which will take more damage, Moira who is a support best suited for brawlier comps such as now has received a decrease in healing making her less effective at keeping her tanks alive.

The patch also saw the addition of a multitude of sins and the much-loved Mei snowball fight. Although not much new content was released it is to be expected with the recent announcement of Overwatch 2 and the team focusing their efforts on the release of that game. The newest version could completely change the meta and cause Sigma to become obsolete.