By Christian R., @christian_ritzy

Rainbow Six Siege new season has started and Siegemas is coming with it. Many new changes are coming this December with a new operation, Christmas themed cosmetics, Christmas theme gifts, and special in-game charms based on streamers.

On December 3rd, operation Shifting Tides comes into full action. The new operation comes with new operators, a reworked map, and new way to play Siege. For more information on Shifting Tides click this link:

New Christmas theme Siege items are already coming out this December. Available now are tactical Christmas themed coffee mugs. New cosmetics are also coming to Siege but not out yet, but while you wait. Check on the Rainbow Six Siege’s twitter for the counting down of days of Siegemas. Every day there is a new gift for Siegemas. It either comes in fanart or in-game loot.