By Julian L., @xFallenSavior

Now if you don’t understand what power creeping refers to in terms of Overwatch it is the idea that a character’s role begins to infringe on another’s role and make them worse compared. The most recent example is the update that changed Baptiste, giving him the same damage output as soldier. Now, this alone may not take over completely but with Baptiste having all of his utility and now having the same damage as soldier he begins to become really powerful and a must pick. Now blizzard has often been ridiculed for their choices but this one is outrageous giving support as much damage as a dps role while still having the utility of his immortality and window which applies damage makes him stupidly overpowered and requires almost every team in the future to run a Baptiste in order to even compete. His role as support should define his capabilities but at this rate, he can even compete against a damage role and will become almost certainly an absolute pick.