By Julian L., @xFallenSavior

The latest Overwatch PTR patch has completely changed how players are to view tanks and play them in a Competitive+Cooperative environment. Recently all shield tanks/main tanks have received significant changes reducing all of their shields. The only tank to be considered to have received a buff rather than a nerf is Orisa, since all her other abilities have been improved with her shield becoming rather ineffective. Tanks have been changed to make their shields less viable and serve to bodyblock more due to the increased health and armor they have received. These new changes will drastically change the current meta however, will they be for the better? I believe these changes will discourage teamwork and encourage solo play due to the aggressiveness tanks will have to have in order to counteract the reduced shields and take advantage of health and damage buffs. Tanks have basically become more like damage dealers rather than actual tanks for your team to play around.